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The Who

This website is owned by David Charlton, a HCPC Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist, Resilience / Mental Toughness Coach and owner of Inspiring Sporting Excellence Ltd who offers a global consultancy service to support athletes, executives, teams and organisations to achieve their goals – quickly.  The key themes that informs David’s work, link to Resilience and Mental Toughness, and how people respond to challenges, stress and pressure.

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The What

The purpose of the website is to share content that is relevant to a research project David is studying which looks at the psychological side of goalkeeping and the business world.

The Why

Having supported a number of goalkeepers and his love of football, David is aware that a goalkeepers position is unique.  As a goalkeeper you can be under immense pressure from yourself, from team-mates, coaches and supporters, as well as the outside world.  Results can rest on you, one mistake and a goalkeeper can be heavily criticised by many people.  The ability to withstand high levels of pressure and bounce back positively and quickly from errors, attributes associated with Mental Toughness and Resilience, goalkeepers simply must have if they are to succeed at the highest level.

The same is true of high ranking business owners and executives, head teachers, surgeons, lawyers, doctors and members of the emergency services, where in these types of roles, pressures and challenges can be immense.  Similarly, to supporting goalkeepers, David also loves working in these environments with driven and successful people illustrated above and is really looking forward to keeping you informed on the development of his project.Goalkeeper Mental Approach

David Charlton

HCPC Sport and Exercise Psychologist, Mental Toughness and Resilience Coach

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