Mental Toughness: How Did David De Gea and Alisson Become the Best Goalkeepers around?


I’m always looking to add more value to my network with tips and strategies to boost people’s performance.

So I’d like to share this quality article to help goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaches improve their mental approach.

What is your take on the following points I came across here in a pre-match article on David De Gea and Allison before the game yesterday…

“We have used rugby bags with Alisson,” Liverpool goalkeeping coach John Achterberg told BBC Sport. “We wanted to be sure he was clear about and mentally ready to deal with that physical challenge.”

I wondered how you make it tough for your goalkeepers to simulate what happens on match day? Feel free to share your strategies…

“Steele stressed that De Gea’s personality is another key attribute that sets him apart from his contemporaries and helped him overcome early problems.

And it is something that has been integral to Premier League, FA Cup, EFL Cup and Europa League triumphs as well as a resurgence in form this term characterised by his display at Tottenham in January.

David is the calmest man in town,” Steele added. He is on the training ground and he takes that calmness into matches, which helps his team-mates.”

Do you believe being calm is something that can be developed? If so please share how you go about this.

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