Petr Cech: Mind of a Goalkeeper


Why not watch this short video?

Where Petr Cech shares some fascinating ideas.  There are some great take away messages that you can learn.  Here are my thoughts….

  1. Concentrating

The very best goalkeepers generally play for successful teams, this means that they can see less of the action.  Which means that they must be able to stay in the game and be mentally ready at all times.

  1. Intimidating Opposing Players

Making opposing players feel uncomfortable can put them off their game and force them to make more mistakes than they normally would.

  1. Growth Mindset: Learning and challenging yourself everyday

Treating training and matches as a learning and developmental process, challenging yourself regularly and working efficiently every day.

Feel free to forward the video to other goalkeepers, coaches or parents who you think would find it helpful.

You can also take a Mental Toughness for Goalkeepers Quiz for some more helpful tips – CLICK HERE



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