Paul Robinson Psychology for Goalkeepers

In this short video Paul Robinson shares 3 tips, go on give it a watch.

1. Treat every game the same

By building games up, for example, cup finals or derby games, you’re likely to get more nervous and perform less well.  Stick to the same routines, the day before any game and in the warm-up to ensure you are as comfortable and confident as you can.


2. Resilience, bouncing back from mistakes

Learn to let mistakes go as quickly as possible, understand you cannot control the past and will waste time, energy and emotion if you focus on it.  As you’ll often hear “control the controllables” and focus on what you can do to influence the game positively.

3. Staying calm

When you make a great save it is easy to get excited, this can bite you where you can go on to get too emotionally involved and lose focus.   Remember, as above, learn to move on, remove the emotion and have a business like approach.   A great question to ask yourself when this happens is – What is my job?  The answer should be simple – to make sure the opposition do not score – and the best way to do this is by staying calm and composed.

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