In Safe Hands: A Keeper’s Psychology

In this insightful video there are many great tips shared by Manchester City goalkeeping staff: Dave Felgate, Angus Gunn and Christian Lattanzio.

Here are 2 tips that I picked up on:

1. Knowing your team-mates

It is important for the goalkeeper to understand his or her team-mates personalities and learning styles.  A great skill for a goalkeeper is to actively instruct and encourage other players.  The better the goalkeeper understands how other players respond in theses situations, the more he or she can positive influence their individual and team’s performance.

2. Refocusing

Mistakes are part and parcel of playing as a goalkeeper.  Being able to learn from those mistakes and to develop triggers to help yourself remain calm and composed is essential.  Different ideas were discussed in this video from kicking the post, to going for a walk, breathing and even laughing at yourself.

Feel free to forward the video or short blog to other goalkeepers, coaches or parents who you think would find it helpful.

You can also take a Mental Toughness for Goalkeepers Quiz for some more helpful tips – CLICK HERE


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