Richard Branson: What can Goalkeepers learn from Business?

As someone who has completed 3 long distance endurance events – marathons – and had a failed attempt at one where I trained hard for 6 months, and was in the shape of my life, only to injure my achilles 2 weeks before, I thought I’d share this blog from Sir Richard Branson, it really resonated with me when understanding what Mental Toughness is and how it can be developed.

He talks about a Navy Seal idea that even when we’re at our most exhausted we still have the capacity to dig in and do more.  I really liked the 40% rule – which argues “that when your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really only about 40 per cent done.”

Top level goalkeepers have this mentality and as one premier league footballer advised me, they are generally the first out and the last one’s in, when training.  Always striving to be the best goalkeeper they can be, always learning.  I’m pretty sure some goalkeepers can learn from this article, that you can always do a little more to give yourself the best chance of being successful and when you hit that inevitable dip in form, that you do have the mental and physical reserves to push on and regain some positive momentum – remember the saying “form is temporary, class is permanent”.

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David Charlton

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