A New Season and A New Mental Approach?

Goalkeepers Mindset

The new season is nearly here, and is only weeks away.  I can’t wait for it!

Are you a goalkeeper who is excited about the new season?

Mentally Tough goalkeepers are more likely to be successful in 2019 – right?

Why is that…. The likelihood is that they have asked themselves some tough questions, prioritised and are working hard on the right things as the season is just about to begin.

So for the 2019-2020 season, if you’re still trying to figure out the way forward….
Ask yourself:

1) What was my biggest goalkeeping accomplishment in 2018-2019?

2) What was my biggest goalkeeping disappointment in 2018-2019?

3) What do I want my biggest achievement in 2019-2020 to be?

4) What am I willing to do to make it happen?

5) What are my 3 big goalkeeping goals for 2019-2020?

Don’t just pay these questions lip service, give them some deep thought and be honest with yourself.  So many people when reflecting fail to help themselves, get bored or distracted – and guess what – they don’t get the results and make the necessary changes they need to.

Be Mentally Tough and don’t be one of them

On the theme of Mental Toughness – 2019-2020 may include the following for you:

  • Dealing with a change of club or coaching team
  • Getting your head around not being selected or dropping down the GK pecking order
  • Training hard and well but not getting game time
  • Making mistakes and picking yourself up
  • Losing your motivation and feeling lost
  • Dealing with an injury and the impact it has on your form, selection or life
  • A lack of confidence in your kicking or handling of crosses

Set Goals

Back to goal-setting I’ve mentioned set 3 big goals, don’t set anymore as you’re likely to get distracted and lose focus.

If you found this article helpful please feel free to share it to your GK mates or coaches.  Or let me know if you’d like some help working out your priorities and the best way to improve your game or develop your mental toughness.


David Charlton

HCPC Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist

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